Student Co-President

Siddharth is the acting Co-President of the MIAE Student Executive Committee. He is a U4 Mechanical Engineering student, with an interest in the field of composites. Aside from the MIAE, he is a member of the MRT (McGill Rocket Team), the VFS (Vertical Flight Society), and the McGill Students' Chess Club. Prior to exploring his interest in the field of aerospace, he fascinated with astronomy


Student VP Communications

Benjamin is the acting VP Communications of the MIAE Student Executive Committee for 2020-2021. As a Mechanical Engineering Graduate student, and having grown up in Montreal, he has always had a passion for aerospace. Through his position within this organization, he hopes to increase the presence of the MIAE and better communicate the many events hosted throughout the year


Student Co-President

Ilhan is the current Co-President of the MIAE Student Executive Committee for the year 2020-2021. He is a fourth year Materials Engineering student with a strong interest in advanced materials. Currently, he is assisting in additive manufacturing research for steel alloys in aerospace components and spends his spare time working in the propulsion division of the McGill Rocket Team.


Student VP Media

William is the acting VP Media of the MIAE Student Executive Committee for 2020-2021. He is a U4 Mechanical Engineering student, with a passion for aviation and travel. In his spare time he runs an Aviation themed YouTube channel, and he is also pursuing his Private Pilot License


Student VP Operations

Lynn is the acting VP Operations of the MIAE Student Executive Committee. She is a U4 Mechanical Engineering student, who's passion for the aerospace industry stems from constant air travel throughout her life. Through her position as VP Operations, she hopes to work with the rest of the team to create and host engaging events that appeal to a variety of McGill students


Student VP External

Prune Huguet is the VP External of the MIAE Student Executive Committee for the 2020-2021 academic year. She is a U1 Mechanical Engineering student, fascinated by everything that is space related. Within the MIAE, she hopes to grow the network of the association on an international scale, and work on expanding the association's outreach.



Student VP Logistics

Ammar is the current VP Logistics of the MIAE Student Executive Committee for 2020-2021. He is a second-year Mechanical Engineering student who has developed a deep passion for engineering design and aerospace. Through his position as VP Logistics, he hopes to provide a community for students looking to explore their engineering passions and connect with the aerospace industry