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Student Co-President

Ammar is Co-President of the MIAE SEC alongside Prune this year. He is a U2 Mechanical Engineering student who is easily fascinated by developments in the Aerospace industry. As Co-President this year, he wishes to provide a platform for members to explore and develop their skills in the Aerospace industry, and provide a sense of community between members, professionals, and professors in this field.

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Student VP Communications

Benjamin Francolini is the VP Communications of the MIAE SEC. He is a 2 nd year Masters student in Mechanical Engineering with a keen interest in the latest technological developments towards achieiving sustainability within the aerospace industry. As VP Communications this year, he will strive to engage students in on- and off-campus activities surrounding the MIAE. His vision for the 2021-2022 academic year is for enthusiastic students to better connect with aerospace experts while simultaneously having the opportunity to improve their interpersonal and technical skills in the field.


Student Co-President

Prune is the current Co-President of the MIAE Student Executive Committee for the year 2021- 2022. She is a U2 Mechanical Engineering Student fascinated by Aerospace and design. In the upcoming year, she hopes to grow the association’s outreach and will strive to bridge the gap between the Aerospace Industry and Undergraduates that share the same passion.

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Student VP Operations

Josh is the acting VP Operations of the MIAE Student Executive Committee for the 2021- 2022 academic year. He is a U2 Mechanical Engineering student who is especially passionate about aerospace. Through his position in the MIAE, Josh plans to work with the team to organize and host various educational, networking, and entertainment events for the McGill community.

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Student VP External

George is the acting VP External of MIAE SEC and a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering undergraduate. His involvement with MIAE and McGill’s Vertical Flight Society, where he now serves as VP Projects, has developed his interest in Aerospace Engineering into a passion. His goal is to both introduce curious students to the aerospace industry and help better prepare those that are intent on breaking into it. He plans to achieve this goal by bringing the students into contact with field experts and organizing various aero-themed events and workshops.


Student VP Internal

Hashir is the Vice President of Internal Affairs for the MIAE student executive committee for the 2021-2022 academic year. He is going into his third year of studying Mechanical Engineering with a keen interest in the aerospace and automotive industry. In his role, he aims to promote student engagement within the McGill community, foster a dynamic working environment, and act as a liaison between all counterparts of the committee.

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Student VP Finance

Conrad Winton is the VP Finance for the MIAE SEC. He is a U4 Engineering Student studying a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Aerospace engineering. Conrad has always had a keen interest in space and the challenges and mysteries it holds. As VP Finance Conrad manages the SEC’s budget for all their events as well as communicates the team’s objectives to faculty administration to ensure every event is realized to the full potential and the team uses all its resources effectively.


Student VP Media

Kisothan is the current VP Media of the MIAE Student Executive Committee for 2021-2022. He is a second-year Mechanical Engineering student who has great interest in aerospace engineering and astrophysics. As a VP Media, he targets to expand the reach of MIAE's work and events to a larger community through  advertising, to facilitate involvement from our followers in what we're doing.

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