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March 8  |  Where: Zoom

Astronaut Talk
Time & Location

March 11th,  6:00 -7:30 PM

On Zoom

About the Event

Are you a space enthusiast ? Do you want to learn the basics of spaceflight and spacecraft navigation ? Want to chat with an astronaut ?

Here is an exclusive opportunity to meet and chat with Canadian astronaut Robert Thirsk. Dr. Thirsk holds the Canadian records for the most time spent in space. He is currently the chairperson of Advisory Council on Deep Space Healthcare at CSA

Event Program

1) Visual presentation/talk given by Robert Thirsk on spaceflight science & engineering, spacecraft anatomy and navigation, life in the space station, future of space exploration, his astronaut experience, etc.

2) Q/A Session : Interactive session where MIAE executive members ask questions to the astronaut around specific themes.

3) Interaction with audience : Students can interact with the astronaut.

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